PartnerOwn Introduction

Homeowner Partnerships

PartnerOwn has begun with a simple question.  Is there a better way to finance homes than standard fixed rate, 30 year mortgages?  Most businesses will not go past a 5 year plan.  And yet, we have homeowners make these long-term commitments on a daily basis.  Does making debt so easy to obtain, standardized and systemic create the right incentives and optimal arrangement?  Why should we encourage people to incur such debt in the name of homeownership?   Should debt be the only means of financing?

PartnerOwn wants to discover if homeowners can be given an alternative form of financing while investors still see returns.  PartnerOwn’s goal is not to become a philanthropic endeavor to promote homeownership, but rather to begin moving the housing market toward more natural arrangements that are less dependent on government guarantees and complex debt derivatives if the sentiment bears this out.

Currently, our search for the answer has led to our participation in Chicago’s Lean Startup Challenge where lean startup methodologies seem most appropriate to determining whether or not we can provide an alternative form of financing that satisfies both homeowners and investors.  This blog will serve as a record of our collection of information including reflections from statistics, interviews and reports.   We look forward to sharing our discoveries, and will be updating regularly, so please keep checking on our progress.

And most importantly, thank you checking us out.  We hope to keep you entertained.


The PartnerOwn Team

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